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Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC Service Provider

AMC Service Provider

Annual Maintenance Contract which is also known as AMC is a service which is provided by companies to its customers. This service is provided after availing all the free services offered by the company at a particular cost which help in keeping the product in a healthy working condition. AMC is a contract signed between a customer and a product manufacturer which allows regular check-ups and routine work to keep the performance and quality of the products in good condition every year.


There are different types of offers and discount that a company offers its customers on the basis of the product. Following are some of the AMC contracts that are generally offered by service centers: Listed below are the most common types of Annual Maintenance Contracts you would generally hear from the companies or service centers.


  • Comprehensive/Labor Annual maintenance Contract.
  • Labor only Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Labor + Spare Parts to a fixed amount.
  • AMC with Rubber & Plastic Parts / AMC without Rubber & Plastic Parts

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